Top Priorities

Real emergencies came up and she had to deal with them. The majority of situations that came up to distract her were not emergencies and did not require her to respond right away. Many of these situations would have got resolved themselves on their own with time.

Responding to these requests immediately only set her up to receive more. By not responding, she might have sent a message that she is a strong-willed, focused person who is very busy and over time she would be bothered less by trivial, time-wasting matters.But,now that she has realised what her PRIORITIES are,she thought of focusing on up coming things rather than thinking about her mistakes.She knew that she has to look straight and ‘Focus on the Good’.She accepted the failures and moved on into the better things.By cutting down unwanted and unnecessary people,in few people she found happiness.

The emotional connect was hugely important, as this motivated her to keep moving toward her goal.


Found Happiness

Because she didn’t really know what happiness feels like when she always kept attaching it to someone else. Someone who might disappoint her,someone who might leave and someone who is capable of stealing it from her.All She did was stayed happy and thanked him for the butterflies he gave her in her stomach during his presence! Everything seemed alright,but who thought that he would leave her in the middle of nowhere.But this strong girl,didn’t cry for what he had done.All she did was stayed happy.But this time he wasn’t  the reason behind her happiness.She still wished him the best and she wished him happiness, but at least she didn’t go home crying, at least this time, they both went home with happiness.She,for losing him and he,for leaving her.Fortunately this time she’ll be alone by choice,because she won’t make anybody a reason behind her happiness anymore.She FOUND HAPPINESS within herself!

Move on only thing she could ever really do is keep moving forward. She took that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. She simply tried to forget the past and move her steps toward the future. Even though she wished to move forward in life, she had one foot on the brakes. But in order to be free, she had to learn how to let go. Release her hurt. Release her fear and refuse to entertain the old pain she’d burried deep inside her heart. Her love for him was indeed unconditional!So unconditional,that she thought that it’s better to let him go. It was time to say a bye. She thanked God for this”GOODbye”.That night she lost the world,but she found the universe.

Brave heart

 She belonged to no man,no town or city.Her life flows clean,with strenght,like pure fresh water.The biggest aim of the girl with brave heart was to live a life of her dreams.She has a fragile beauty and an extremely brave heart.Nothing scares her anymore.She was free in her wildness.She felt real courage was in living and suffering for belief.She believed,if she has fallen into love,she will go ahead.She’d be damned if she’d care what people think.If loving someone makes her a naked woman on an animal,she’d ride the animal with her head held high.She is unbreakable.She has a brave heart!

Dream big

Step out of the crowd of ordinary people and be an extraordinary one.’Aim for the stars and you will reach the moon’was her motto.She craved for success.She always admired good as well as bad people around her.Picked up good deeds from some and learnt not be like the bad one’s. This was the way she was stepping stones towards her way to success. Dreams are fulfilled at the right.She was always patient and waited for the fulfillment of her dreams.Above all,she watched with glittering eyes,the entire universe around her.’Coz greatest miracle is hidden in most uncertain place.She believed in magic,and she found it.Because nothing is perfect the way you imagine it.She believed in her heart to live a life full of passion,purpose,mercy,miracle,magic and always dreamt big!

Happy soul♥

A cup of coffee gave her all the happiness she could find in world.One incident changed her entire perspective of living life.

She started finding happiness in little things.

The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell,keeping this in her mind she kept walking through the journey of her life.

She chose to be optimistic. 

All her tears were dried up.

She found so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

She was an independent girl now!