Found Happiness

Because she didn’t really know what happiness feels like when she always kept attaching it to someone else. Someone who might disappoint her,someone who might leave and someone who is capable of stealing it from her.All She did was stayed happy and thanked him for the butterflies he gave her in her stomach during his presence! Everything seemed alright,but who thought that he would leave her in the middle of nowhere.But this strong girl,didn’t cry for what he had done.All she did was stayed happy.But this time he wasn’t  the reason behind her happiness.She still wished him the best and she wished him happiness, but at least she didn’t go home crying, at least this time, they both went home with happiness.She,for losing him and he,for leaving her.Fortunately this time she’ll be alone by choice,because she won’t make anybody a reason behind her happiness anymore.She FOUND HAPPINESS within herself!


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